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Agriculture is the main source of livelihood for more than 70% of Afghan population. Afghanistan is known for producing some of the finest fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and herbs. Saffron as a fine herb has recently been the cultivation trend in Afghanistan. Afghan agribusinesses produce and pack saffron with high quality, meeting standards, proper packaging and labelling as per buyers’ requirements. For Afghan high nutrition products there is a great demand in the international markets. Previously, The Afghan agribusinesses were facing lots of challenges to get connected to the international customers, and in most cases they were connected via the traders of the neighboring countries. LINKAGROS overcome the challenges and established this platform to facilitate direct interaction between the world markets and Afghan exporters. We are committed to serve our community and develop economy of Afghanistan by promoting export of Afghan finest products. We are glad to have your presence on this amazing journey. Best Regards Wahid Atef