Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What benefits my company entitles to join your website?

    a. Through joining linkagros website, you will be linked to many buyers and sellers across the globe.

  • How can I become a member of

    a. Through filling the membership form and paying membership fee, you will become a member of linkagros within 24 hours.

  • If I am not a member of linkagros, can I still contact buyers and sellers?

    a. No. registration on the linkagros is mandatory.

  • How long does it take to receive my membership information following registration on linkagros?

    a. After registration and obtaining approval from the central office of linkagros, you can access your member area within 24 hours. Completing membership form is mandatory, otherwise members will not be able to access buyers and sellers.

  • How much is the membership fee of linkagros?

    a. Starting from 15th July,2019 until the end of October 2019, the membership will be free, following the above date, members shall pay an amount of 100 AFN per month and/or 1200 AFN per annum as membership fee. For international members, the membership fee is 20 USD per month and/or 240 USD per annum.

  • How much space will be allocated for each member on linkagros?

    a. Each member can upload the high quality picture of their products up to 8MB each. The space allocated for product upload is unlimited.

  • Is my account secured on linkagros?

    a. Please review security section of the linkagros privacy policy.

  • Is there any manual on how to use linkagros?

    Members who need information and guidance on how to use linkagros, can request training manual from the linkagros customer service.

  • How can the international clients search my products on linkagros?

    a. Customers can search for a particular product (saffron) and a complete list of buyers and sellers of the products will appear. List of companies that contain the saffron specifications and picture on their page will automatically appear.

  • Can I download list of buyers from linkagros?

    a. Linkagros members will have access to the buyers list.

  • Can I cancel my membership on linkagros?

    a. Yes. If you cancel your membership, the membership fee will not be refunded.

  • What topics are not allowed to be shared on linkagros?

    a. Issues such as hatred, political issues, irrelevant images, pornography and violence. For more information, review linkagros privacy policy.

  • Does linkagros provide services to facilitate our communication and deals with international buyers?

    In case linkagros members require additional services to facilitate their deals, linkagros service team is ready to cooperate.

  • Do you guarantee the quality of products and payments for the deals on linkagros?

    a. Business transactions between the buyers and sellers are carried out directly. Members will be graded based on their products quality and good payment records. Grading will be Diamond, Gold, Silver.

  • Is it possible to inspect the quality of products through the services of your team?

    a. Linkagros inspection team, will provide inspection services, at the request of the members. For more information, please review the services section of linkagros.

  • Can I deal online through linkagros?

    a. Linkagros is only a linking platform it is not an online store.

  • Is it possible to obtain visa of other countries via linkagros for participation in international exhibitions?

    No. You can obtain information about international and national exhibitions through linkagros.

  • Is it possible to become a member of linkagros for other products apart from the agriculture products?

    a. No