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LINKAGROS provides third party inspection services in Afghanistan. It focuses on providing a full integrated inspection service for the clients and specializes in inspection of fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts and herbs. LINKAGROS is committed to providing the reliable, independent and cost-efficient third party inspection service to customers from all over the world.

Inspection Services

Inspection helps to reduce the risk of receiving poor-quality goods that are non-compliant to your requirement. The inspection makes it easy for you to assess the quality of the goods during the production process or prior to shipment. LINKAGROS provides inspection of suppliers, sellers and producers focusing on providing a full integrated inspection services for its members. LINKAGROS on your behalf can perform full production inspection or pre-shipment inspection services. LINKAGROS is committed to provide the reliable, independent and cost-efficient inspection services in Afghanistan territory for our valued members across the globe. In case you are interested in our inspection services, please fill the inspection application form and submit to: We will provide you our best offer for the inspection services.